Whole Food 3 Day Detox: Day 1 – Insights & Ramblings

Today I started day 1 of a 3 day cleanse/detox.  About 2-3 weeks ago I started feeling sick on a regular basis.  For about a week I was extremely ill, taking my 2nd sick day in 9 years of employment and cancelling a Halloween party I was really looking forward to.

I’m not normally a sick person so this illness seemed odd. A friend mentioned something about an illness caused by too much sugar that she read about online and I knew I hadn’t been eating well lately, so I gave it some thought.  But rather than reading too much into diet/nutrition fads, I decided to just go for a 3 day cleanse (which I’ve never done before) to try and reset/ stabilize my system.  I usually find this stuff kind of hoaky, but what harm could it cause if I just eat whole foods and nothing else?  And so at the end of day one, I am feeling good.

Although my salad at lunch was incredibly boring, it taught me that pretty much every single salad dressing is filled with chemicals.  Even making my own with balsamic vinaigrette was discouraging after I read the label.  Turns out balsamic vinegar has both caramel colour and sulphites.  If I was going to follow my own rules, I was stuck with olive oil and lemon juice.  So delicious, right? (It isn’t.)  Doing some research tonight I found this lovely list of recipes, some of which seem to follow my rules like the mustard & vinegar ones, so check them out.  I haven’t tried them, but figured I’d share.

I guess what I learned today from this is that a lot of food I normally reach for has crap in it and that’s pretty scary.  I also learned how difficult it is for me not to eat temptation foods or unconsciously put food in my mouth.  (Halloween mini chocolate bars anyone?)  I’m really hoping that after a few days I will feel a difference, and that I might take from this experience and apply what I’ve learned to my regular eating habits after.

I’ll either let you know, or post about something else in 6 months… 😛


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